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Jim Johnson KC4HW

Dan, thanks for the endorsement to Martin's suggestion on the Revo Uninstaller.  I guess I have been in the "hole in the ground" on this one. 
Jim/KC4HW - EM71 Alabama

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Let me add my vote to Martin’s on the Revo Uninstaller. It’s really quite good and should get rid of all of the remnants of whatever it uninstalls.



Dan – K4SHQ



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On Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 03:13 AM, Jim Johnson KC4HW wrote:

Thanks Martin, I did find that document and it was very helpful in setting up the laptop with Meinberg.  Hasn't been helpful with the W8.1 problem.  I have been letting this W8.1 rest a bit, had another issue that just got sorted out today, so I will be back on it soon. 


Appreciate the help



Hi again Jim, glad to hear that the GM8ARV information helped you to set up Meinberg on the laptop.

Re: your problem on the Win8.1 PC, it might be worth running the Revo Uninstaller utility app and seeing if that will remove all traces of your existing Meinberg installation on the Win8.1 machine so that you can then start all over again with a completely fresh install.

After the Uninstaller has done its stuff and got rid of the app itself it'll ask if you want to do a scan of the PC to clean out the registry etc; I always select the 'Advanced' scan and then delete everything that the uninstaller finds - by doing that you can be fairly confident that most if not all traces of the unwanted app are removed, which would hopefully get rid of the password that's still hanging around somewhere in the PC.

Good luck!

Martin G0HDB

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