locked Re: Setting Up WSJT-X with Ft-991a with a raspberry pi #FT8 #linux #Yaesu


Spend $10 or $15 bucks on an external USB sound card first ... the tech will charge you over $50 or more an hour.  If an external sound card fixes this issue (and I suspect it would), then consider it money well spent.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 7/30/2021 9:53 AM, wisconsinjimmy wrote:
Hello to all of you good people, I am thinking it is my sound card as I have to choices in settings either audio codec or Realtek high definition  now here is the rub I cannot find realtex in my programs and it used to be there. I had an old HP computer with internal sound card and it worked fine just the puter was ancient so got another and all was going OK until Microsoft dumped a crap load of updates on me and all hell broke loose and it is still causing problems and I cannot uninstall the stuff. I am re-downloading the drivers etc.  It has to be the updates and if there is away to get them gone I guess I will have to go to a puter tech.

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