locked Re: How do I know if my message is being sent out? #FT8


Have you setup your callsign and locator in WSJT-x?


In WSJT-x goto File > Settings



Make sure your call and locator are in the General Tab



“enable PSK reporter Spotting” sends any spots of others stations get sent to PSK reporter (and WSPR spots are sent to WSPRNet.org)


“Op Call” means any spots sent by you to pskreporter etc are attributed to you


“Prompt me to log QSO” means once the full sequence has been completed you get a logging box as below


“db reports to comments” puts the signal reports sent and received in the log comments field as below, you can also type free text into the box as well



So long as that is all in place you should be reporting YOUR spots of other stations,


To see who spots you


Set the PSK reporter options as below, important to make sure you click the “GO” button after you set the option to apply them



Hope that helps







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My meter shows 10 Watts and I can here the signal on the moni and looking at WSPER, PSK and Ham spot I see no indication if I have any output. Jim KD9dog #WSPR


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