locked Re: IC7300 Ham Lib error #Cat_RigControl

Jim Brown

On 7/29/2021 12:27 AM, groups@... wrote:
The specifications I see for FairRite 31 is that it loses its effectiveness above about 10MHz.  I don't understand how you justify only using 31 above this frequency?
The relative strengths of the two mixes shows up when you plot their data on the same graph. It leads to the same false interpretation of antenna vertical plots that results from normalizing them so that their peak field strength is set to 0 dB.
See http://k9yc.com/AntennaPlanning.pdf

There are tutorials and applications notes on my website about the use of ferrite common mode chokes at HF. A digested version of this material was added to the ARRL Handbook about ten years ago. I'm currently working on updating it for the next edition to reflect recent (last four years) work.


73, Jim K9YC

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