locked Unattended operation #WSPR

Lee Barker

Ok, still new user here with a general question that I was asked and wasnt sure of the answer. The question was "if there is intent for the hardware to remain powered up 24x7 (or even remote operation) like for collecting WHISPER mode data on your station, how do you ensure there is some form  positive control of being able to power down if there is a failure resulting in the txcrv to continually txmit."

As I new user on an IC-7300, watching youtubes on WSPR mode using WSJT-X, I watched operators collecting WSPR mode data while physically being off at work during the day and not physically present at the home station. I have now done this myself once or twice, being away either at work or overnight while sleeping. I had watched WSJT-X in WHISPER mode while present for several hours beforehand, and had the transceiver set at very low power, never more than 5 Watts, and I was always conscious of weather conditions so that I wouldnt be leaving things on or antennas connected when lightning was possible. But I felt pretty comfortable not being physically on the "HALT" button. There are some other autonomous functions, like JS8Call networks that I now want to explore, and I am wondering how these autonomous modes are handled by other users so that risk of getting stuck in txmit is mitigated.

Appreciate any feedback.


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