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Output from the rig is a balance between the PWR slider in WSJT-x



The windows speaker volume


And the digital gain (DT gain) on the FT-991a



I normally set the DT Gain by getting the volume and PWR settings where I want then, then watch the rig output power when it transmits,


If it is below the power set on the rig I slowly increase the DT until it matches, then back it off a fraction,

If it matches the power of the rig then I back t off a fraction until it just start to drease


I find the ALC level is about in the image below


That’s how I do it,  right or wrong it works for me


73 Peter M0PWX


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Hello Frank,

Got the darn thing working it now shows on my watt meter 10 watts when it goes into transmit, Only thing now is to find out if it is actually send a message. I know there is wsper and PSK but have no idea how it works.

Stay healthy



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Good afternoon "wisconsin jimmy"


You need to go into the windows settings and select the RADIO's internal sound card as your speaker for receive and your  microphone for transmit.  SPEAKER and MICROPHONE have nothing whatsoever to do with the physical speaker or microphone on the radio or computer.  If you want, you can think of both as virtual as provided by the sound card inside the radio.  I do not have my 991A connected and I am not on the computer I use with it, but you should see the same USB Audio CODEC   you would if using a Signalink instead of the sound card in the radio.  DO NOT use the windows 10 Realtek speakers or the manufacturers audio


If you need more help, please contact me off list






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