Locked Re: What should Radio TX Power Setting really be? #wsjt-x #WSJTX_config

Peter Hall, VK6HP

Hi Willie

The easiest way to get the SDR going with WSJT-X without disturbing any existing program instances dedicated to other radios is to follow the instructions in the WSJT-X manual regarding multiple instances of WSJT-X.  In essence, this involves choosing a name for the SDR instance, then running WSJT-X from a Windows command line prompt, with the name of the radio within the prescribed syntax.  You can then make a desktop shortcut to the new instance, with the target the same as the run command you used in the command line.  For example, my shortcut target reads: C:\WSJT\wsjtx\bin\wsjtx.exe --rig-name=SDRUno 

As I mentioned before, I use VSPE for the CAT control.  I just create a "pair" of serial devices (COM7 and COM8).  Within SDRuno Rx Control settings I assign COM7 as the CAT port, with COM8 used in the WSJT-X "radio" tab.  Similarly, the free version of Virtual Audio Cable creates one cable, which is assigned as the  "out" path in SDRuno (set to both L and R audio channels). In WSJT-X settings the virtual audio cable is assigned as the audio path.

Here's  a screenshot taken during some setup experiments involving "weak-ish" signals earlier this year.  Although the various spectrum settings are less than optimum, in this case you can see the WSJT-X display is more useful than the SDRuno spectra.


73, Peter.

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