Locked Re: Yaesu FT991A Shows WSJTX transmitting but my MFJ- 870 shows nothing happening #Yaesu #txaudio

Richard Bertrand Larson

I would add to look for an audio source that has been muted by software accident.

Rick KD0XD en12

On 7/28/2021 12:28 AM, Adrian Fewster wrote:

In windows the sound menu will show the sound level for that device when wsjtx is in TX, please check that first to confirm modulation on the device you are using.


On 28/7/21 2:28 pm, wisconsinjimmy wrote:
I have an LED monitor flat screen and it is not changing anything everything is set up correct the cat test comes up greenthe ptt goes red audio is codec and speakers are codec comm ports are the same in settings and baud rate is the same with the program and radio 38400 I believe do not have the puter close by. I even tried the tune on the screen and nothing. The manual shows no reference to this problem.

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