Locked Re: What should Radio TX Power Setting really be? #wsjt-x #WSJTX_config

Reino Talarmo

Are you saying that if I'm using Split and no audio processing, I _can't_ overdrive my rig, and my quest for the perfect signal and maximum output power without causing audio {splatter, harmonics, bad things} is a red herring?


Hi Willie,

My English may be misleading, sri. What I intended to say that those are the first issues to take care and audio level setting is important. Still overdriving is a bad thing and should be avoided. You got already Mike’s advice in another mail.

73, Reino OH3mA

PS. If you want to see what bad settings affect to spectrum, you may set audio to 400 Hz without split and drive rig hard. Result is rig dependent, but at least you should see harmonics of 400 Hz above your signal.


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