locked PTT Cat Error when not using PTT #Cat_RigControl

danzee <k2ywe@...>

Fresh WSJT-X installation on fresh Windows7 SP1 machine.
WSJT-X works and I'm able to make FT8 contacts (WSJT-X even controls the split transmit freq), but I get a Rig Control error message after each transmit cycle and have to check "retry" or "OK" & reconfigure. I have tried all combinations of handshake settings without success.
I have had WSJT-X running on other Win7 machines and not experienced this error. I looked at the configuration file from my last WSJT-X installation and it was 8-2-N with no handshake for my FTdx-5K. Those settings still give me the error. I'm using VOX, not PTT and have WSJT-X set that way, i.e. VOX checked off.
Rig Control error details:

Hamlib error: Target VFO unaccessible

newcat.c(1663):newcat_get_ptt return(0)

newcat_set_freq: ptt still on...retry#0

rig.c(1769):rig_set_freq return(12) while setting frequency


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