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With a lot of help from this thread, I have established a GPSD/Raspberry Pi server.  So far it has much less jitter and delay than the GPS pucks and any time source on the internet.  But still if I use ‘time.is’ as a reference, I see a +36 millisecond time offset reported there.  Is that due to internet data lag?  NTP Time Server Monitor reports a 0.285 ms offset.



Dan – K4SHQ



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In my experience, the Raspian releases tend to lag software packages like gpsd signficantly.


In order to get numbers for "Seen" and "Used" satellites, I had to install gpsd 3.22


When I did apt-get update/ugrade, suddenly I was "upgraded" to 3.17, which doesn't report Seen/Used.  And that took a while to untangle.


apt-cache policy gpsd still shows gpsd 3.17 as the one it'll install.  And 3.17 has a release date of 2017-09-07


For basic functionality it probably works fine, but I like to add monitoring for stuff like sync and number of satellites and SNR and such, so it can send me an email if something goes wrong.


73, Willie N1JBJ



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If you find a write up that says you have to compile something or install something outside of the distro, it is guaranteed to be well out of date.

For a Pi and a USB GPS and either Buster or Linux, it is just point gpsd to the correct device.


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