locked Re: Operating portable #WSJTX_config #FT8

Reino Talarmo

>If I read the online WSJT help files correctly, the wizards of WSJT indicate that in FT8 Contest Modes, appending the /P suffix will suppress transmission of the 4 character grid locator in the "CQ" message.  If a country's regulatory agency requires that location data be sent when an amateur station transmits using FT8 mode at other than the operator's permitted location, the operator can't also append the /P suffix. 

Hi Karl,

It seems that you got it wrong, it is other way round. Actually it is very easy to test what happens. Just type in Settings – General into My Call: whatever you need to study. E.g. to test whether OH3MA/P is supported I type it in and I will see immediately on the main screen
“CQ TEST OH3MA/P KP20”, when I have selected NA VHF test. Without any special activity I’ll see “CQ OH3MA/P KP20”. If I put into DX Call field any call sign and hit Generate Std Msgs, I’ll see all possible messages. Also /R is supported, but not /1 etc. or /M or anything else.

Note that none of those is supported with non-standard call signs such as OJ0/OH3MA/P.

73, Reino OH3mA

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