Locked Re: What should Radio TX Power Setting really be? #wsjt-x #WSJTX_config

Mike Black

Yes...all that is covered in the paper we wrote for setting up the audio on virtually any rig (nobody has reported that the procedure doesn't work for them).

Mike W9MDB

On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 12:41:02 AM CDT, Jim Brown <k9yc@...> wrote:

On 7/20/2021 3:45 PM, Michael Black via groups.io wrote:
> Most rigs will start showing ALC around 90-95% of the rig's power
> setting so 45-47W when set at 50W and 90-95W when set at 100W.
> Elecraft K3/K4 will start showing the ALC meter much lower and will hit
> the 4-5 bars needed when it's close to 100% of the rig's power.

But don't forget that many rigs, including those Elecraft rigs, have an
input gain control, which affects how much drive it takes to be "right."

73, Jim K9YC

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