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Jim Brown

On 7/19/2021 2:44 PM, Bill Somerville wrote:
I would not say it is a bad idea, it is a user choice. Complaining that that you can't add a gridsquare to your CQ calls if you are using a nonstandard callsign is a bad idea, as it demonstrates a poor understanding of how weak signal digimodes work.
Yes, that too. But as I observed in my response to Dana, a grid square provides far more information to others considering whether to work you and where to point their antenna than does any of those suffixes. Consider, for example, a station in California seeing a station signing /7. The US 7th area extends from Washington to Arizona, so depending on where you are in California, the beam heading varies by as much as 90-130 degrees.

And if you're contesting or calling a DX pileup on CW, SSB, or RTTY, you're both wasting time AND making it more difficult for the other station to get your call right. Ditto for those who seek preferential treatment by signing /QRP. I work a lot of QRP (170 countries confirmed), I've never done that, and I won't work stations who do.

73, Jim K9YC

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