locked Re: #IC-705 and #WSJT-X crashing #Icom #wsjt-x

Michael Black

What what error is in the "Details" of the WSJTX error box?

Mike W9MDB

On Sunday, July 18, 2021, 05:25:02 PM CDT, pthorpe <pthorpe@...> wrote:

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 I am using WSJT-X as follows:
IC-705 in WLAN
MS Surface Pro 3 connected via same WLAN
Using ICOM RS-BA-1 software
I am not using USB cable
All of these work perfectly and establish a good connection
I start WSJT-X configured for the correct virtual COM and VIrtual audio provided by the connection to RS-BA-1 software
Every time I start from scratch it all works perfectly.
BUT . . . the second I manually spin the 705 frequency dial WSJT-X instantly disconnects from the CAT. Other manual adjustments on the 705 will do the same.
When I try to re-connect it sends all kinds of CAT errors but audio is still connected
To get it working again I have to power everything off.and start all over.
Thanks . . . grateful for any help on this one
73 K0PLT Peter

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