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Bill Somerville

On 18/07/2021 17:07, Philip Rose via groups.io wrote:
Normally I wait for the QSO partner to indicate they received my RR73 before logging. If they send me the 73, and at the same time I get called by a third party, I will double click on the third party to initiate a QSO with them, then log the first QSO. The new QSO fails to set the DxCall and DxGrid values and report values. When I log this QSO I have to check what info is missing.

Also when I see a DxCall value in my logger, I display the position on DxAtlas (either the DxGrid or the centre of the prefix area). As this is not present in this circumstance, I can't do this.

-- 73 Phil GM3ZZA
Hi Phil,

WSJT-X only supports automatic filling in of proposed log entry fields for a basic sequential logging process, i.e. you must complete one QSO, including logging, before starting the next. Obviously that cannot always happen due to possibly abandoned QSOs being revived, in that case you must check the Loq QSO fields and fill in any missing or incorrect information manually.


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