Locked Re: Disabled Xmit and 73 #FT8

JJ Knight

Is this happening while still in the QSO cycle of the contact? I'm running a FT991 with 2.5.0rc3 but I had the issue that would get to the point where I'm supposed to transmit 73 back to my contact and it had disabled TX and sat there never confirming the 73. I have actually worked guys that did the same thing to them also and I never got their confirmations. If I don't see it confirmed, I don't save it.

What I did was backup all of my log files from the "C:\Users\n5mnx\AppData\Local\WSJT-X" on my Win10 Laptop, Uninstalled WSJT-X, Deleted all of the old folders left behind including the "C:\Users\n5mnx\AppData\Local\WSJT-X" folder.

Then I reinstalled 2.5.0rc3, dropped all my logs back into the "C:\Users\n5mnx\AppData\Local\WSJT-X" folder and she came up running clean, and it corrected a whole bunch of weird multi-installation issues I was having with the scrolling and text positioning of the receive window and the qso windows. Anyway that fixed my 73 skipping issue.

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