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Hi Gil,

Whether you see the attachment in all messages depends on at least your mail application. In my case using Outlook I see the paper clip on your message as the “attachment” is the additional information at the end of the mail added by the groups.io mailing system. In some other mail applications that information is presented as a part of the mail body at the end of the mail. The attachment is not blank, not at least in my case.
I have not seen totally blank message latterly at all.

I think that the paper click is not related to hashtags at all.

73, Reino OH3mA


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I am seeing the paper clip meaning attachment on EVERY message on ONLY this group. I also get occasional (3 today) messages with NOTHING in them except that paper clip attachment. This happens only on this group but it is the only one of many I am on that requires a hashtag. These messages I am talking of are not just messages that I posted or replied to. It is every message in the group.


Maybe that is the way it works but it is rather confusing. I can see the reason for the HASHTAG with all the different subjects but not the attachments and not the blank messages.


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