locked Re: Split Frequency issue with 2.4.0 #wsjt-x


Hi Nick, filter 3 on the IC-7300 is only the RX filter. The TX filter is normally fixed as a wide filter. Have you set filter 1 on the rig? I don’t think WSJT-X changes the filter setting, just the VFO and mode setting.


73 Phil GM3ZZA


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From: Nick Collova
Sent: 18 July 2021 07:38
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Subject: [WSJTX] Split Frequency issue with 2.4.0 #wsjt-x


I have an Icom IC-7300 and all was working fine with the last version of WSJTX.
Now with version 2.4.0 my transmit is using filter 3 which is fine but when it returns to listening it stays on filter 3 (narrow)
I roll back to the last version of WSJTX and all is well again.
Any ideas? Mabey I can adjust a setting on the rig or in the software with the new version to have It work properly?
Thanks to all in advance!


73 Phil GM3ZZA

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