locked #FT8 How to restore grid to 'needed' status for alerts #FT8

Bob Wolters <bobw5xc@...>

I use the color alerts within WSJT-X on FT8 to let me know when a new grid or country is spotted.


Recently someone called CQ and it alerted me with a new grid color alert.  I called, we completed exchange and I logged it.


As you likely know, I will no longer receive a color alert for that grid / band in the future.




When the station submitted their info to LOTW it was for a different (home) grid, so NO possibility of getting the grid he called CQ with confirmed.

  ( in an email exchange the op admitted he ‘forgot’ to change the grid back to his home grid )


How can I restore the grid I thought I had worked per his CQ to alert me again for that grid ?


Is there a ‘look-up table’ or something like it that I can go into and restore that grid to ‘needed’ status ?   HOW ?


( I easily corrected the text version of the log file and that does not solve the problem )



Knowing how to do this could also help in restoring ‘needed’ status in those cases where the other op does not respond to QSL requests

and does not use LOTW.


Thanks in advance & 73,


Bob                         W5XC


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