locked Re: Hamlib #IssueReport

Gene Horr

Start with answering Bill's questions and everyone can work from there.

The "complexity" comes from the versatility.  You can run the software on different computers, with different OSs, with different ADC/DAC hardware - both internal and external, with different radio control (everything from TCP/IP over the internet to no control at all other than PTT), and all this to almost any radio made in the past 40 years or even older if it is capable of acceptable frequency stability.

That is pretty darn amazing.

But the cost of this is that there is no one setup that works for everyone.  Even "PTT" has a variety of ways to accomplish this.  So, yes, as a beginner it can seem a bit overwhelming at first.  I suspect most who get it working on the first try are mostly because of random luck.

So stick with it.  There will be some hair pulling in frustration at first but once you get it working things become much easier on the "inside the shack" side.  Then you only need to fight transmission line problems, antenna problems, ionosphere conditions, ....

What?  Do you want to be bored or something?


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