locked FT8 receive/transmit imbalance #FT8

John Nelson

#FT8 Like other group members I very often experience massive asymmetry between the reports I give and those I receive. I can run the UK legal limit into a TH7DX and the path from here happens to be very good to JA and YB. On 14 and 21MHz it's very easy to generate a pile-up of JAs in particular. Commonly they're in the range between say 0 and +10 and occasionally more. But the reports I get are usually more like -10 to -20. A typical example just now was working JA3CQM, giving him +12 and receiving -15.

And quite often they clearly aren't copying me at all. I can end up sending JA1XXX GW4FRX +06 for seven or eignt passes, without any response. Most frustrating. 

Either there are JA stations running many tens of kilowatts or JA and YB are electrically very noisy countries! 

Overall I seldom call anyone who's weaker than about -12 because from experience it's odds-on they won't hear me.

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