locked Re: When Callsign/8 portable is used the Grid Locator is not sent in a CQ

Bill Somerville

On 11/07/2021 13:00, Glen Jenkins WB4KTF wrote:
I am operating /8 and when calling CQ with the designator "/8" my Grid Locator is never sent in a CQ.  I had added the "/8" to my callsign on the General tab.
Section 7.5 of the online manual shows an example of a "CQ CALL/8 EN74" being sent but I cannot get my system to transmit that.
I've tried Type 1, 2, and 3 on the GENERAL tab, yet none will cause my grid to be sent.
What setting do I need to use to get this to work?
Glen, WB4KTF
Austin, TX
Grawn MI: /8

the part of the WSJT-X User Guide section 7.5 you refer to is only relevant to the 75-bit payload modes JT4, JT9, and JT65. For the 77-bit payload modes like FT8, FT4, MSK144, FST4, and Q65 the situation is different. If you use a non-standard callsign you cannot send grid square with your CQ or Tx1 messages, this restriction is related to the far more flexible encodings of non-standard calls which take up more payload bits.

Since your license does not require you to sign /8 I suggest you use your regular callsign and the grid you are operating from, if you really must sign /8 then all I can suggest is sending your grid occasionally after QSOs using a message like "DE WB4KTK EN74".


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