Re: WSJT-X and JACK #general

Brian Morrison

On Thu, 2021-07-08 at 15:36 +0100, Bill Somerville wrote:
On 08/07/2021 15:25, wrote:
Is WSJT-X compatible with JACK Audio Connection Kit
Hi Chris,

WSJT-X is not directly compatible with JACK audio. On most Linux
releases these days pulseaudio is used by Desktop applications like
WSJT-X (we use the Qt framework for cross platform capabilities and
is usually built with pulseaudio support).

If you really want to use JACK then you will probably need some sort
bridging software between JACK and pulseaudio, although I suspect it
will negate most of the features of JACK. This seems a reasonable
for making a bridge between pulseaudio and JACK output.
It is worth pointing out that the capabilities of Jack and Pulseaudio
are available in Pipewire which is currently under heavy development in
Fedora and will undoubtedly spread to many other distros in the fairly
near future. It has a pulseaudio client too, but the backbone of the
system is Jack-like and offers low latency and selectable sample rates.

It works fairly well for me in Fedora 34, a new point release of
Pipewire appears every 2-3 weeks with improvements, new features and
bug fixes.


Brian G8SEZ

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