locked IC-9700/7300 VFO A/B switching #Cat_RigControl

Brad, K8ZM

Been using v2.4.0 for a while and have noticed the following occurring;


IC-9700:  When WSJT-X launches it consistently will switch the 9700’s VFO from  A to B.  I have to manually switch it back to VFO A.  Once back on  A, it does stay on A after band/mode changes.  Don’t know if anyone else is seeing this but it occurs at every launch.

IC-7300:  When WSJT-X launches it will randomly switch the 7300’s VFO from A to B then back again to A.  This occurs quickly and usually only occurs every 5 or 6 launches of WSJT-X.  Not so much a problem on the 7300 as on the 9700 but noteworthy none-the-less.


I run two rig specific instances of WSJT-X.  My hardware/software setup hasn’t changed in a very long time and no recent windows updates or changes have occured.  I can only think this is a Hamlib issue but was wondering if others are seeing the same thing.   Is there a location/file that logs what’s being sent from WSJT-X to the rig when launched I can look at ??  I may have another way to extract some of what is being sent but was hoping WSJT-X was logging to some system file when launched.


Thanks for any help,


73 de Brad N8GLS 



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