locked Re: Clock Sync #Timesync

Bill Somerville

On 04/07/2021 15:40, Jim Pennino via groups.io wrote:
Re fake chips: I have no idea and don't care though u-blox might. The only features used by ntp is the output of NMEA sentences so any other capability the u-blox 8 series has is irrelevant to ntp. FYI u-blox makes dozens of different chips with different capabilities all of which identify as u-blox 8.
Hi Jim,

one issue with "fake" u-blox boards (note they usually have real u-blox GPS/GNSS receivers but lack on the rest of the board) is that some have insufficiently sized SPI memory chips and as a result cannot be upgraded to newer firmware versions. That can be annoying if a new satellite constellation needs to be supported, for example.


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