locked Re: Clock Sync #Timesync

Jim Pennino

Re time1 vs time2: I am running the latest release of Meinberg and can state time1 does what it is supposed to do. If you are running an older version you should upgrade because many other bugs have been fixed.

Re cables: You can attach the VK-162 to your Pi if you don't have a serial GPS HAT and use it as a ntp server. There is a thumb drive receiver, VK-172, that uses the u-blox 7 chip set which eliminates the cables but isn't generally useful inside a building and has much more jitter than the VK-162.

Re fake chips: I have no idea and don't care though u-blox might. The only features used by ntp is the output of NMEA sentences so any other capability the u-blox 8 series has is irrelevant to ntp. FYI u-blox makes dozens of different chips with different capabilities all of which identify as u-blox 8.

Re Rubidium standard: The price I gave was for a frequency standard only. The price for the box with timekeeping ability is about $870, which should indicate why I haven't already tried one. GNSS-RB GPS GNSS Disciplined  Rubidium BG7TBL Rubidium Atomic Clock on e-bay.

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