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Alan B

I've built a few NTP servers with various serial GPS's on the Pi ZeroW and 3B+ using PPS. Not hard to build and they support the whole Field Day group with a little low power box. We used two on Field Day this year. Client machines go on and off, so not a good source for sharing fundamental resources like NTP. Different choices for different purposes. Personally I don't care for a USB cable on my laptop, would rather get the NTP over the network, and VNC to the Pi to do digital modes, so the laptop doesn't have cables festooned all over the place. Also this USB GPS fails to restart properly on my laptop after it awakes from sleep mode whereas the networked NTP restarts smoothly. But this is a great low cost and simple solution for many use-cases and good to have in our bag of tools.

I'm running Meinberg NTPD on Windows 10 and time1 had no effect at all, I changed it to time2 and the offset started working properly. It may not be the latest version of Meinberg, but can't be too old as the laptop isn't that old. Something to try for folks that have no result from varying time1 - try time2. Use whatever works.

At $15 the u-blox in the VK-162 is almost certainly a fake chip copy, unfortunately (I didn't take it apart but the price point is indicative). I've used them (fakes) before in other modules and they usually work well but have various flaws or missing features, but these are unlikely to be important for NTP purposes. This puck works better than others I have tested, thanks for posting this info. This is perhaps the Baofeng of USB GPS pucks.

73 de w6akb

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The VK-162 uses the u-blox 8 chip set which is GNSS, not just GPS, and has 72 channels. I could post a list of all the chip sets I have tested but see no point in it as the VK-162 has been shown to be the best of the cheap ones out there so far and again goes for about $15. If I find a better one, I will post it.

Nice choice (u-blox) and well supported.
Bob - wd6dod


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