Locked Re: logging to HRD Logbook #logging

Bruce Jungwirth

I’ve been using WSJTX and JTAlert logging to HRD for over 2years and have never had a problem. Have I just been lucky?
Bruce, K0SON

On Jul 3, 2021, at 10:22 AM, Robert Lorenzini <bob@...> wrote:

Expect HRD to be problematic on a regular basis.

Bob - wd6dod

On 7/3/2021 6:27 AM, Michael E Wilson Sr wrote:
I recently changed from DXKeeper log to HRD Logbook. The change was easy and worked. However, when JTAlert was set to log to HRD Logbook, I got triple entries in the log. Two of the entries were from JTAlert, one of which was flagged in the log with "date/time error". I disabled the JTAlert logging and every thing returned to normal with only WSJT-X providing the log info.
What is going on. Does the HRD Logbook network server port have anything to do with this issue? When I was using DXKeeper, every thing work great.

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