Locked Re: logging to HRD Logbook #logging

Russ Ravella

Agreed. I actually went the OTHER way (HRD to DXKeeper) to get away from things just like that. And also the pretty poor support of their software, despite expecting you to pay for it. My advice would be to change back.
73 Russ KR6W

On Jul 3, 2021, at 8:22 AM, Robert Lorenzini <bob@...> wrote:

Expect HRD to be problematic on a regular basis.

Bob - wd6dod

On 7/3/2021 6:27 AM, Michael E Wilson Sr wrote:
I recently changed from DXKeeper log to HRD Logbook. The change was easy and worked. However, when JTAlert was set to log to HRD Logbook, I got triple entries in the log. Two of the entries were from JTAlert, one of which was flagged in the log with "date/time error". I disabled the JTAlert logging and every thing returned to normal with only WSJT-X providing the log info.
What is going on. Does the HRD Logbook network server port have anything to do with this issue? When I was using DXKeeper, every thing work great.

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