Locked Re: VS: [WSJTX] "ring,ring" if a new DXCC is heard in FT8 #WSJTX_config

Carlos <dentrix@...>

TU, Jim and Reino !

Because I use a raspberry for Hamradio, I only found "AlarmeJT" (made for Ubuntu).
I will try ....

Nevertheless, it would be easier if WSJTX provides itself .

never give up hope !  Hi, 73, Karl

Am 03.07.2021 um 17:25 schrieb Reino Talarmo:

Hi Karl,

Bells and whistles are already available in third party programs. You should study what JTAlert or Gridtracker is providing for you.

I would keep WSJT-X as a “communicating device” without loading it with further operating support functions.
73, Reino OH3mA



Hello, dear WSJTX developers,

May I suggest to make it possible that a "bell rings" if I receive a new station, DXCC or GRid on band.
In other words, not only the color indicates, but also a ringing bell.

I would find it useful to be drawn attention while I am not looking at the monitor all the time !

Thanks, Karl 0E3JAG

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