Locked All of a Sudden, No Audio From Rig to Computer (I don't think) #AudioIssues

Bill <k2wh@...>

My Yaesu FTdx3000 running fine, WSJT-x, when I changed a waterfall setting (the left side of the screen beginning setting), all of a sudden, no audio indication from the rig.

I also have an IC-9700 configuration file and by switching to that rig, everything is fine, same cable et al.

Went into manage sound device settings and they are as they have always been and I can see sound from the rigĀ  to the computer but the computer is not displaying it in the waterfall or the gauge on the left side of the screen either, IOW, the computer is not displaying the audio from the rig but I know the audio is there.

So I believe this is a software issue and looking for advice on what I can do to rectify this - Driver reinstall ?

If so, what is the ID of the necessary drivers for WSJT--x ?


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