locked WSJT-X and Yeasu FT-450D-no transmit power #txaudio

Bill Seward

I’m trying to set up a Yeasu FT-450D and a Windows laptop for Field Day and I’ve hit the most intransigent problem I’ve ever seen with WSJT-X and Windows.


Laptop is an old Asus Q500A running Windows 10 Pro 20H2, build 19042.1081. Fully patched. Windows Defender AV. Windows has two sound devices: High Definition Audio Device and Intel Display Audio. Both have the latest drivers available. I am connected to the FT-450D with a Hamdaptor cable-plugs into the Data jack on the rig and the mic and speaker ports on the laptop. CAT control is via and FTDI to serial port on the rig.


WSJT-X is v2.4.0 c19d62. WSJT-X shows only the HDAD in the Settings | Audio tab. Mic jack is set to 100, mic boost is 0.0 db.


CAT control works. I can see incoming signals on the waterfall. This tells me I don’t have the jacks crossed. I can double click on one and try to answer, but according to my Telepost LP-700 I’m outputting between 0 and 0.2 watts. I have tried SSB and confirmed the rig will throw full power.


I’ve went through all setting changes I can find recommended here and elsewhere for the rig and had no luck. I’ve set the USB hubs per a recent post by G4WJS. No change.


I’ve set up WSJT-X several times on various computers, but never ran into this. Any thoughts?




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