locked WSJT-X Reporting to PSK Reporter #Beacons

invl160 Davis

I am operating a TransAtlantic VHF SDR Beacon Monitoring station here in St.John's NL GN37.  The callsign for this 2M receive only station is VO1FN.
Since inception in May there has been one decode of K1TEO 1760 KMS on 144.174Mhz FT8.

When I look on the PSK Map i do not see VO1FN as a Monitor.  There is a link to click that will bring up large markers to show VHF Monitors reporting but VO1FN does not appear.  I cannot find any information about how WSJT-X reports to PSK Reporter site.  Is there away to "force" a report ?...I am looking for a way to have VO1FN appear on the map.  Will this only happen if it is able to hear signals and report on a regular basis ?

Frank VO1HP

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