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Bruce N7XGR

Doug,  Tis a simple task to increase the RX bandwidth.
Be in USB-D1 or D2 or D3 mode
Press and hold the FILTER button
Tap the desired filter button, FIL1 or FIL2 or FIL3
Tap the BW button
Rotate the VFO knob clockwise to increase the bandwidth
Tap the BW button again
Save these settings to the SD card when done--IMPORTANT
The DATA mode has 3 totally adjustable filter bandwidths
which is the same as in regular USB mode.
3 DATA filter settings and 3 regular USB filter settings.

On Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 2:47 AM Doug Grant <dougk1dg@...> wrote:
I suspect this has been cpvered but I cannot find anything by searching the archives.

I am using WSJT-X v2.4.0 with an IC7610, controlling everything through the USB port.

Everything works fine, but I want to run the radio receiver at 3 kHz bandwidth instead of 2.4 kHz.

If I manually tap the FILTER button on the radio, I can select 3 kHz, but as soon as WSJT-X makes a transmission, the radio switches back to 2.4 kHz.

I am using the radio in USB mode, and tried the Data/pkt setting instead, which puts the radio in USB-Dx mode and none of those modes have a 3 kHz BW option (they are all even narrower than 2.4 and I cannot figure out how to make one of them 3 kHz)..

I suspect there is a simple way to do this a few menu steps down on either the radio or WSJT-X but I cannot find it.

Any ideas?

Thanks & 73,

Doug K1DG,

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