locked Re: WSJT Sensitivity V MSHV #why ?

Chris, HB9DFG

Hello Bill

I will try it via WETRANSFER so I see when it has been downloaded by you. The Link will stay on for about a week and you can
forward it to others who are interested for testing. Think your QRZ.com mail adress will be fine.
There will be two ZIPs, one with the WSJT-files and one with the JTDX-files, there is a "w" or a "j"in front of the usual timestamps
so you always know where the file is coming from.

I am very curious what you will find out :-)

Thank you very much for taking the time to investigate this and may be I will make some more tests in a not so crowded band with
weaker signals like on 2m or 6m.

Best regards de
Chris, HB9DFG

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