locked Re: Can hamlib for Windows be used? #Cat_RigControl

Bill Somerville

On 19/06/2021 04:51, Fred Cole wrote:
I asked this on the Facebook group, but this question may be better suited here. Can WSJT-X on Windows 10 be configured to use hamlib/rigctld on the same machine, instead of its internal? What I would like to do is be able to have Log4OM running and be able to switch between apps like FLdigi, WSJT-X, and voice and still have Log4OM track the frequency. The same thing, I suppose, can be done with Omnirig but I've tried that and I couldn't get it to work. My guess is that it would require me to compile from source, a task I would have to learn under Windows. I can muddle through compiling on Linux so that won't hurt my brain too much.

Fred - N2NRV

I do not understand what you are asking, can you clarify please? Log4OM is not compatabile with Hamlib AFAIK so you can use Hamlib to control your rig, or you can use Log4OM to control you rig. To have both involved would need a different arrangement.


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