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Hi all,

I'm running into some rig control errors and I'm wondering if anyone
has successfully used rigctld and remote (localhost or network)

My rig is an FT-897D. WSJT-x works perfectly fine when I directly
connect to the rig over the serial port, but I get errors (ERR_IO, -6)
when running rigctld-wsjtx with the same parameters and set the
program to use HamLib NET 2. I've tried the 4.2 release, the
integration release as well as the master branch of the code, all with
the same results.

Most of the time, wsjt-x comes up and reads the VFO and everything
looks good, but as soon as I try to test the CAT or PTT it errors out.

I realize this may be more of a hamlib issue, but figured I'd start here first.

Thanks, Matt.

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