locked VS: [WSJTX] #FT8 Not Possible to sign portable? #FT8 #wsjt-x

Reino Talarmo

Hi Rob,

You may try it. I did and it is working, but program is using hash for the other or for your call. That’s fine. Only difficulty is that you cannot work other stations using special call signs. It fills the message correctly, but leave at transmission out e,g, “R-01” and sends only the call signs (one hashed).

73, Reino OH3mA


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Aihe: [WSJTX] #FT8 Not Possible to sign portable? #wsjt-x


I will operating from a different Call Area and wanted to sign WR3Y/7. I was told that wsjt-x will not pick up appending my call/7 ? I will of course be signing with the correct grid square. Is that true?


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