locked Re: #FT8 Not Possible to sign portable? #FT8 #wsjt-x

Bill, WB6JJJ

Adding /7 should work OK. There will be “< call >” in the decode window but that is normal for a non-standard call.
Is there a good reason for adding portable 7? In most cases it is not needed since your grid square indicates where you are located. Also, merging your normal log with a portable 7 log along with uploading to LotW is a bit more of a chore.

Have fun,
Sherwood, Oregon (7)

On Jun 17, 2021, at 1:14 PM, robert scott <robertgscott@...> wrote:

I will operating from a different Call Area and wanted to sign WR3Y/7. I was told that wsjt-x will not pick up appending my call/7 ? I will of course be signing with the correct grid square. Is that true?


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