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Hasan Schiers N0AN

Some of these watering holes were set up to experiment (and thus not cause interference to other non-compatible modes). It was a matter of two things, courtesy and concentration of resources.

50.275  was selected for Q65-30A initially. Some 15A is being done there too.
50.235  was selected for Q65-120E qrp operation
(neither mode can copy the other, will generate mutual interference)

For experimental modes like Q65, watering holes represent the best possible sharing of resources and reducing interference.

The operation of 50.303 is an entirely different matter. It was set up and chosen by the Rovers. It has proven very effective. It's their trip and they can operate wherever they like. It is NOT a new watering hole, it is a specifically chosen freq just for the Grid Expedition, independent of mode. That is why during the expedition, you might see MSK144, FT8 and Q65 all on 303 at various times.

So, if someone sees digital signals on the waterfall that they cannot decode, try another mode.

73, N0AN

On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 2:14 AM Jim Brown <k9yc@...> wrote:
On 6/15/2021 12:14 PM, Jamie GOLLY wrote:
> Hi Bob, 50.303 and 50.323 are FT8 overflow.
> There are optional digital frequencies on various bands/ modes that you must manually input depending on your region.

We are wasting a LOT of spectrum by spacing these watering holes so far
apart. There's no good reason why, for example, those three dial
frequencies couldn't have been spaced 3 kHz apart. And there's no good
reason they couldn't have been a LOT lower in the band. A big part of
why FT8 killed CW on 6M, at least here in the States, is that spectrum
monitors like the Electraft P3 can display more more than 200 kHz
bandwidth. With JT65 much lower in the band, we could easily monitor CW
activity; with FT8 at 50.313, we cannot. That's in addition to the 10 dB
advantage of FT8 over CW for weak signal work.

I live on 6M during E-skip season chasing grids, but I haven't had a CW
QSO on 6M for four years. And the last guy I worked on CW took 3 years
and 3 QSLs, with SASE, to get a card in return for his rare grid.

73, Jim K9YC

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