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Thanks Bill,

I have tried that option both ways (usually I leave it enabled) with no joy. I don't really understand the option from the help balloon text as I can't imagine any reason for WSJT to change the radio frequency while transmitting. The only change required is the audio tone and thus no rig control is involved. FWIW, the old version used to change the audio tone instantly with the option enabled if I asked it to. The new version does not change it until the next transmit cycle.

Doing S&P with the current behavior is next to useless and I find it hard to believe it was changed deliberately. It's either a bug (which many others would have discovered by now) or something in my setup is knackered.


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On 13/06/2021 16:31, AB2ZY wrote:
This is not clicking in the waterfall. It is double clicking on a CQ
in the decode list. With the latest release the "Hold Tx Freq"
checkbox acts like it is always checked.

I have to be very quick to click the "set Tx freq to Rx freq" button
when I wish to respond to a CQ simplex.

Hi Al,

does you rig require you to have the option "Settings->General->Allow Tx frequency changes while transmitting" unchecked? If that is the case then frequency changes will be blocked if attempting to do so while transmitting.


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