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Reino Talarmo

I'm looking for suggestions regarding contest logging. I've read the thread on resetting the Cabrillo log; that's not my problem. What I want is to be able to ignore history prior to the contest, but check for dupes during the contest. Do I need to create new logs? If so, which ones? Thanx much! 73 Don NA6Z


Hi Don,

If you want to run barefoot, then you could use Cabrillo log for logging and wsjtx_log.adi for dupes checking.

You already know how to reset Cabrillo part of the job. The ignoring of the history happens by renaming the wsjtx_log.adi file (so that it will be available after the contest), closing wsjt-x and opening it. At that point wsjt-x cannot find a wsjtx_log.adi and so there is no history stored into the program memory. When you log the first contact, then wsjt-x generates a new wsjtx_log.adi.

After the contest you may combine the renamed wsjtx_log.adi and the one used during the contest using any text editor and save it as wsjtx_log.adi. During combination you need to left out from the contest adi file the header information. The combination is needed, if you wish to see in your everyday history also contacts you made during the contest.

73, Reino OH3mA

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