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Bill Somerville

On 11/06/2021 12:24, James Quick wrote:

I am going to try this again,

I am running a MacOS Big Sur, IC-7300, with WSJT-X. I can start WSJT-X v2.3.1 and everything is ok. If change bands on WSJT-X 2.3.1 the 7300 changes bands. I close v2.3.1 and start v2.5.0 rc1 it starts as it should but if I try to change bands it will not change on the program or the 7300. I can manually change bands on the 7300 and it will change the band on WSJT-X. None of the updates after v2.3.1 will work. I am at a complete loss as to what to do. I have uninstalled the program, deleted the INI file, and reinstalled the program with no luck. Any help would be a big help.


Jim Quick / N4ULE / Ex KA4BEG

Hi Jim,

please put the attached file into your WSJT-X configuration files directory (on macOS that is ~/Library/Preferences), then restart WSJT-X and do a minimal test that demonstrates the issue. In this case that would seem to be merely a band change using the WSJT-X band selection drop-down list. Then quit WSJT-X. It will have created a file on your Desktop called WSJT-X_RigControl.log , send me that file for analysis please (g4wjs <at> classdesign <dot> com).

Once you have sent the log file you can delete it from your Desktop and also delete the log configuration file to revert to normal operation.


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