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John Deegan

As I understand the technology, my desktop PC (an older Sandy Bridge I-7 2600K) is capable of supporting AVX.

73s de John K9XT

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Hi all WSJT-X users,

we are looking into some performance enhancements that will take advantage of some parallel processing features of modern CPU architectures. In order to gauge how much backwards compatibility for older CPUs we will have to implement it would help to know who is using such older processors. Please don't turn this thread in to a mine is better than yours conversation, all I need to know is who or how many of you are using the older CPU architectures. Note that this applies to MS Windows, Intel Linux, and Intel macOS users, it is about CPUs not operating systems.

The technology we will use is called AVX and that is present on all Intel CPUs branded Core i3/i5/i7/i9 (circa 2010 to present), it is also present on AMD CPUs since the Jaguar or Puma based CPU models (some late Athlon-II CPUs, all Zen based CPUs, including Ryzen) circa 2013 to present.

Notably Intel CPUs branded Celeron, Pentium, or Atom do not support the AVX technology.

So in summary, look up your CPU and if it **does not support AVX**
( then let me know.


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