locked Re: Np FT8 on 40? #band #FT8

Brian Stucker

Definitely an equipment situation. There has been lots of activity on 40M. Even during the last geomagnetic storm we had a month ago or so I could copy a few stations on 40M (although admittedly is was just a few).

If you can be heard on PSK then you are TXing on USB. I would check that you don’t have any attenuators set on your rig that may be killing you on RX for 40.

If you can hear on 20, and be heard on 40, and assuming you’re using the same antenna for both (and that the antenna is not terribly compromised on 40) I would look at your rig as suspect. Maybe you set a filter for CW and forgot or something along those lines. You can pick up some FT-8 on 40M most nights with a bit of wire laying on the ground connected to the center pin of your coax. 

Brian - KB2S

On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 12:13 PM Anthony - N1IG via groups.io <n1ig=protonmail.com@groups.io> wrote:
just checked PSKreporter, and it said that you were seen 2 minutes ago, but did not show a location.

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