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Bob Lewis

If I recall correctly, the monitor jack on the SignaLink-USB is receive audio rather than transmit audio.



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there is a monitor jack on back of the SL, plug in headphones to see if audio is present out of the SL




On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 3:40 AM Steve marsh (M0NMA) <m0nma@...> wrote:

I am helping a new amateur get wsjt-x working on his Kenwood TS-570D. The RX side is working well, but he is not transmitting any audio when wsjt-x transmits. 

he is using a signal link interface to a Win10 pc, running Dimension 4. 

The settings on his pc are correct for the sound card, cat control works and the Cat Test and PTT test both seem to be working. looking at the playback device in sounds/control panel shows that there is activity on signal link audio device, which is also set as the default communication device.

we have tried controlling PTT via Cat (which turns the TX light on the rig) and vox (which doesn’t ). It doesn’t make any difference if we use USB or Data/pkt mode in the settings.

it is almost like there is no audio coming out of the signal link for some reason. 

does anyone have wsjt-x working with a TS-570D?

Steve M0NMA


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