locked After upgrade to WSJT-X 2.4.0, an IC-7600 no longer changes bands on SPE Expert 1K-FA power amplifier #Cat_RigControl

Frode Igland

A friend of mine is running an Icom IC-7600 and an SPE EXpert 1K-FA amplifier. He doesn't use the PA for WSJT-X, but all his antennas are connected to the PA, so he needs to have the PA powered. Prior to v2.4.0, the CAT control has worked smoothly. As soon as he changed bands in WSJT-X, the radio and the PA changed band accordingly, just like this fully automatic PA should. However, as soon as he updraded to v2.4.0, the PA no longer follows the band change in WSJT-X, whilst the radio changes band as usual. This has caused the radio to transmit on e.g. 20 m, whilst the PA is still set for 17 m, instantly triggering the warning and protection. In order to have the PA change bands to the band in WSJT-X and the radio, my friend needs to click the tune button in WSJT-X and thereby give the PA a signal that it needs to change bands ot the same as WSJT-X and the radio. Previously, this PA band change was Fully Automatic (after all that is what the FA stands for), now it is only semi-automatic. I can confirm that the WSJT-X 2.4.0 + IC-7600 + Expert 1K-FA combination works just perfect in another station I use from time to time.

My friend is certain the no setting has been changed in WSJT-X, the IC-7600 and the Expert 1K-FA, and no other software updates have been made that can be related to loss of CAT control or to the PA no longer polling the radio for band changes, or the radio sending band data to the PA. The baud rates in the IC-7600 and the PA are identical (9600 baud), the PA is set for Icom, and generally everything is as before v2.4.0

I understand that one of the reasons that it took a while to complete the 2.4.0 GA version, was the need to update Hamlib. Could an error somehow have sneaked into the Hamlib update, or has there been any change in WSJT-X that may have influenced on the loss of CAT control or polling/broadcasting?

We have scratched our heads, but no solution has been forthcoming, so suggestions for getting the PA back from semi-automatic to fully automatic are welcome.

73, Frode LA6VQ

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