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Rig yeasu ft 840.  Older rig.   Had this working the computer power supply went bad (laptop) so replaced laptop.  Now trying to reload all software.

Took out my radio from config and no longer get error msg.  
Gotta fix the time, as its 4 hrs ahead of computer actually time

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 A Signalink is basically a sound card that can trigger PTT, nothing more.    What the program error is about is CAT control.

What rig you do have, does it have a rig to computer capability?   Knowing what you're using for a radio would help.

Neil, KN3ILZ

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Rig ft 840 Signallink win 10.  Replaced computer and cant get wsjxt to work... I have gotten it to recieve but I get error msg "rig control error" then it asks if I want to reconfig the radio interface.  I dont know what its asking me to do.  I do notice the the frequency orange box is blank and the time zone is 4 hours off.  I cant find anywhere to set the time zone.  I know these are very basic setup problems, but I need help.  I'm already bald and don't have anymore hair to pull out..


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