Re: WSJT-X 2.5.0-rc1 and MAP65 3.0-rc1 H/V signals #general

Amos Sobel 4X4MF



Thank you for your attention.


I am working now towards the following solution:

10+10 element Cross H/V 2m Yagi

Dual 2m Transverter

Flex 6600/SmartSDR

2 instances of WSJT-X with Q65/FT8/JT65. One for the H channel and one for the V channel, waiting for the EME signal to be detected on one or both.

Waiting for adaptive polarization be ready for this configuration in due time.




Amos 4X4MF



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Flex radio does tell me that my request to make their SmartSDR deliver the 2xDAXIQ stream compatible with the requirement of MAP65/Q65 have been put in their  enhancement database for sometime implementation. I will pray for that.

In the mean time please consider using the IQ  streams delivered by Flex Radio and many other SDR radios as an input to WSJT-X Q65. This is half way to your MAP65 requierment and does contain more “Flash” than the common data stream.


Amos 4X4MF

You should certainly follow your desire to become EME capable.  I strongly recommend that in this pursuit you start with something you know how to achieve.  You can then move on to a more ambitious and more capable setup. 

Circular polarization on 2m is not a good idea, and you should learn why it is not.  Having both linear polarizations available at the flip of a switch is helpful.  Use WSJT-X first; a properly configured MAP65 setup is much more complicated and requires understanding you will gain in time, with some diligence.  No, circular polarization is not the same as adaptive polarization.  And No, two separate I/Q data streams is not the same as properly synchronized 4-channel data suitable for MAP65.  

  -- 73, Joe, K1JT

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